Internet Marketing:Email Marketing, Not Phishing

Phishing is an unhealthy internet marketing practice but sadly there are still some people who employ this technique. To send e-mails to loyal clients who prefer receiving them is one thing but to bombard clients with e-mails which are unsolicited would definitely be unforgivable.

A lot of companies would prefer launching e-mail marketing campaigns if they want to tap the market upon introduction of new products or services. The internet marketing campaign could be launched with ease and the competence of which to spread the information to the client and to some other people would be easier and cheaper. Compared with traditional direct mail marketing, sending e-mails barely cost anything as there are no posts to be paid for.

E-mails build rapport between clients and the business. The more personalized the e-mails, the more that the recipient would feel his or her importance to the company. Sending generic messages often feel like “just another SPAM message” to clients.

E-mail marketing does not know borders and could reach the recipient in just a matter of seconds. These comforts of sending messages directly to clients and without a large cost to think of always attracted many of the online marketers. However, there are others who practice phishing which is not a healthy way of sending informational messages to clients. Flooding e-mail inboxes with unnecessary things would only annoy clients.

With us, practicing responsible internet marketing is on top of the list. We see to it that your news reaches the recipients’ inboxes as professionally as possible. We make e-mails look personalized, professional and ethical so each client would feel important and respected.